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Music Production Library Video from Jack Attack Tracks from Jack Attack Tracks: Production Music Library on Vimeo.

Jack Attack Tracks: Music Production Library for Television, Film, Radio and Advertising. Jack Attack Tracks is a complete production music library. It provides complete music production for television, feature films, radio and advertising. Our music production library includes music from all genres from relaxation to hip hop to blues and includes music types from commercial jingles to tracks from popular artists to radio IDs.


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Our music has been heard in

The Mask(Jim Carrey)
Naked In New York(Martin Scorsese Film),
Off and Running(HBO Films),
Guiding Light,
Another World,
As The World Turns,
Santa Barbara

...and on recordings such as,

Earth Wind & Fire(WB),
Richard Elliot(EMI),
Patty Cabrera(Curb),
Mary Griffin(Curb), etc...


Ken Barken