Live Music by the Best Musicians in the World

Jack Attack Tracks is a new, innovative and comprehensive music production company. Jack Attack Tracks was formerly, Ken Barken Productions, a featured company in The Hollywood Reporter’s issue, Who’s Who In Music Libraries.

Owners Leigh Robbins and Ken Barken have been creating music for Feature Films , TV programs and Record Projects for many years. They are now launching this fresh and exciting new music library service, Jack Attack Tracks.

Jack Attack Tracks uses the absolute best musicians, engineers and singers in the world to create fresh sounding and powerful music tracks that stand above other factory-like services. In their state-of-the-art studio, Thirteen Degrees Studio, they produce music with live musicians. This brings the human touch to their tracks so lacking in most computer generated libraries today.


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Production Music Library
Song Catalog(Music & Lyrics) and Songs On Assignment Service
Radio Imaging Packages(Station ID’s, Sounders, Sound EFX, Commercial Beds)
Film & TV Scores
Total Record Production

FILM PROJECTS: “The Mask”(starring Jim Carrey), “Naked In New York”( A Martin Scorsese Production starring Eric Stolz, Kathleen Turner, Tony Curtis.), “Off And Running”(HBO Films, starring Cyndi Lauper and David Keith)

TV PROJECTS: “General Hospital”, “Guiding Light”, “Santa Barbara”, “As The World Turns”, “Another World”

RECORD PROJECTS: (Production, Songwriting, Performing)
Richard Elliot, “Soul Embrace”(EMI/Manhattan), Earth Wind & Fire, “Millennium”(Warner Bros.), Patty Cabrera, “Always And Forever”(Curb Records), Jordan Hill(Atlantic Records), Darren Rhodes(RCA Records), Patti Page(Legend)

LEIGH ROBBINS is singer/songwriter who graduated with honors in Mathematics from prestigous George Mason University. Leigh has co-written and sung a vast array of songs for many feature films and television shows. You have undoubtedly heard Leigh’s voice countless times. Leigh has been a featured artist on GAC cable network’s show “Fast Forward”. Leigh loves animals and antiques.

KEN BARKEN is a music producer, songwriter and musician musically trained at North Texas State University and Berklee College Of Music. Ken has played trumpet with many acts, such as, The Temptations, Boy Meets Girl, Bob Hope, Connie Stevens. Ken has written and produced for many major record labels like Atlantic, RCA, EMI, Curb. Ken was a staff writer for “Guiding Light” winning an Emmy for his work. Ken loves to fly, play tennis and hockey.